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Име: FAR&COM – Fast reading and comprehension



The main objective of the project is to develop innovative FaR&Com Methodologies, with the help of which teachers will
facilitate students’ personal and academic achievements due to the development of concentration, photographic memory,
peripherial vision, will limit the regression of the eyes during reading, eliminate the articulation, develop the imagination, and
support the simultaneous work of both brain hemispheres during reading for speeding the reading and improving the

Тhree methodologies with three training programs in 5 languages, 50 additional exercises, at least 16 participants in
international training, at least 32 participants in national trainings, 240 participants in pilot testing, 80 participants in firstround results sharing events and 90 in second, 100 participants in an international final conference. Improved skills of
teachers and learners for speed reading and comprehension. Innovative mobile application for fast reading and
Финансираща програма: ЕРАЗЪМ+; KA2-Сътрудничество за иновации и обмен на добри практики; KA201-Стратегически партньорства в сферата на училищното образование;
Продължителност: 01.11.2022 – 31.10.2025
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